Cheryl Cooper

Cheryl Cooper brings an exceptional blend of technological savvy and strategic vision to her role as a Kajabi Expert and business coach. With more than two decades in corporate IT management consulting, Cheryl's expertise spans across system implementations, project management, and team leadership. Her mastery of platforms like SAP, JDE, and
WordPress is complemented by her recent three-year focus on Kajabi, where she crafts dynamic websites, course and funnels with an emphasis on user-friendly designs and minimal coding.

A holder of an MBA from Houston Christian University and numerous coaching certifications, Cheryl stands out in her ability to guide clients through transformative journeys, enabling them to overcome limiting beliefs and embrace innovation. Cheryl's commitment to leadership and mindfulness is evident through her active participation in the Maxwell Leadership Team President Advisory Council and the Mindful Leader Advisory Council. She is a seasoned host for events on business, spirituality, and leadership, marked by her contribution to the esteemed Live2Lead event.

Residing in Alpharetta, GA, Cheryl's Colorado roots echo in her advocacy for the environment and her pursuit of outdoor activities. When not empowering clients or leading workshops, she indulges in crafting gluten-free culinary delights, cycling, or immersing herself in the serenity of nature walks. In every endeavor, Cheryl's passion for nurturing growth, whether it be in gardens or businesses, shines through, making her an integral part of any team dedicated to fostering progress and sustainability.